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Scolmore Group solutions for remote woodland dwelling

With its remote location, sitting on a hillside above a creek feeding the river Dart and surrounded by dense woodland, this stunning rural property in Dartmouth certainly provides a tranquil retreat.   

The downside of its secluded setting, however, is the difficulty acquiring signals for TV, Satellite and internet connections. This means that any systems requiring internet are working over site-wide Wi-Fi/Mesh networks with multiple Wi-Fi access points operating on 3 or 4G, and there is no hard-wired data connection to any of the devices. 

These were the challenges facing the electrical contractor when the property owners decided to update the security and door entry provision for the extensive premises. 

Having had a CCTV system on a previous site, the owners wanted the benefits of having the property protected but did not want the cable infrastructure that CCTV requires installed throughout the property. They were looking for a more cost effective alternative that would provide similar or enhanced features.  At the same time, the intercom system on the entrance gate was old and had become inoperable and needed repairing or replacing with a system that would offer remote/wireless control.

Martyn Walley, managing director of Hide Ltd, the electrical contracting firm hired to undertake the security installation, looked to his experience working with ESP security products to provide the solutions that would overcome the client’s issues.

ESP’s GuardCam Deco was recommended by Martyn to provide the general security provision covering the various areas of the property. Four of the systems have been installed to cover the garage, patio/decking area, driveway entrance and the entrance to the boat workshop.   

GuardCam Deco is a combined Wi-Fi security camera and LED floodlight system, which has been designed with ease of set up as a key feature, including the option for remote monitoring via smartphone or tablet, using the specially developed ESP Smart APP. GuardCam Deco has the option to deliver motion activation notifications via the APP whilst recording the activation. The user friendly APP also allows recordings to be accessed.

With a built in camera that offers full 1080p HD live viewing and recording, the GuardCam Deco was the perfect all-in-one solution for these premises. On approaching the unit, GuardCam Deco detects an intruder with proven PIR technology at a distance of up to 10 metres from the unit. It floodlights the area, initiates a video recording and provides the user with an option to deliver a two-way audio message or activate the inbuilt alarm warning.

It features an adjustable 16W high-intensity LED Security Lamp (3000k colour light and 800 lumen) and you can remotely dim or turn on/off the LED lamp via the APP. It will record up to 200, twenty-second video sessions onto the supplied 8GB storage, and this is expandable up to 64GB. The integral high-resolution digital camera offers wide angle camera view and clear image recording in video format. Night images retain colour and clarity due to the automatic LED light illumination. 

To address the requirements for the access control provision for visitors and deliveries to the property, Martyn recommended ESP’s Aperta Wired Wi-Fi Door Station with Record Facility as a cost effective solution that offers flexibility and provides full access control integration to the gate automation system from anywhere that a mobile/Wi-Fi signal permits. The Aperta Wi-Fi system has been integrated fully with the existing electric gate to enable remote control of the gated access system.

A Wi-Fi door station connects directly to a smart phone offering instant front door security and convenience to users. It allows you to view and talk to visitors at your home whether you are on the premises or on the other side of the world. From a smart phone or tablet and using the free ESP app, property owners can easily see who is at the door or gate, engage in two-way communication and allow remote access if desired. 1080p live view, visitor recording, automatic motion detection, and clear two-way audio are some of the key features available via the subscription-free ESP Smart APP.

It was during the initial site visit to assess the security requirements that Martyn identified a number of opportunities where products from other Scolmore Group companies could provide a solution. As a result, three Ovia 10W LED Pathfinder floodlights were chosen to provide ambient lighting to the bordering woodland on the Creek Valley, gently illuminating the backdrop from the raised balcony outlook. Martyn has used products from Scolmore’s Click Smart+ smart products range to do the switching of the Ovia floodlights remotely from the owner’s mobile phone. In addition, an Ovia 20W LED Pathfinder floodlight with PIR sensor is providing security lighting to the detached single garage on the approach driveway and this has replaced the original failed halogen floodlight.

The Click Smart+ range is designed to simplify and streamline connected home products – lighting controls, smart sockets, security cameras and sensors. It utilises Zigbee technology – one of the most widely adopted smart home communication protocols. Zigbee certified devices require the Click Smart+ Hub and communicate with each other using a mesh network which creates multiple pathways for the connection of multiple smart home devices without compromising signal and communication range.

Products from Scolmore’s Click Aquip66 weatherproof range were installed in three outside locations to bring power sources where needed. Two Aquip66 two-gang switched socket outlets are located on the remote double garage which will be used for trickle charging facilities for the boat trailer and high powered pressure washer. Another has been installed as a direct replacement to a standard two-gang socket which had been incorrectly installed in an external location by the previous owner of the property - ensuring compliance with the latest British Standard requirements.   

Commenting on the challenges of the project, Martyn said: “Having previously worked on some interesting and challenging projects with the client, it was important to understand their needs for reliable equipment with minimum disruption for installation. There really was only one way to go for a reliable system that can be trusted to operate with no hidden subscription fees.  ESP and Scolmore provided the perfect solutions for the site. The client is delighted with the results and is looking to expand the system further with the adoption of more products from the Click Smart+ range, as well as additional GuardCam Deco security cameras.”