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We now offer In House LASER ETCHING on our Gridpro modules

Let us save you time and money and do the module etching for you! Our in house laser printer provides flexibility to suit large volume batch or custom jobs.

The precision, permanent, fine marking effect is customisable, offering you and your customers a wider variety of options.

Our GridPro GM2018 and GM2018N modules are available with the following 14 Legends...

BL Boiler, CH Cooker Hood, DW Dishwasher, FD Fridge, FF Fridge Freezer, FN Fan, FZ Freezer, HB Hob, MW Microwave, OV Oven, TD Tumble Dryer, WD Waste Disposal, WH Water Heater, WM Washing Machine.

* Suffix the two letters to select Legend

Ingot Modules are available in the following 9 finishes:

AB Antique Brass, BR Polished Brass, SB Satin Brass, CH Chrome, SC Satin Chrome, SS Stainless Steel, BN Black Nickel, PN Pearl Nickel,
BS Brushed Stainless

For availability and more information on Bespoke Legend
prices please contact us.