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Integrated LED Bulkhead
with pre-wired driver and flow connector

The Inceptor® Evo was born with the contractor in mind, installation of the
bulkhead is made faster with the addition of the FlowTM connector. Simple removal
of the surface mount adaptor ring allows the product to be semi-recess mounted
with ease.

Available in two designs; circular and eyelid. Both utilise opal optical-
grade polycarbonate diffusers and a reinforced, impact-resistant
polycarbonate body. The product is double insulated and an earth-loop
terminal is provided for convenience.

As well as providing 2 styles of fascias, the Evo is also available
with 4 distinct modes of operation:
• 3 hour emergency & microwave sensor
• 3 hour emergency
• Microwave sensor
• Standard driver