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Greater Manchester’s Metrolink

The UK’s largest urban tram network - Greater Manchester’s Metrolink - is utilising Scolmore Group’s Flow Connector system to help provide lighting at the Tram stops across the network.

Click Flow is an all-in-one junction box and connection system, which provides a quick and easy solution when adding lighting or appliances to an existing circuit.

The Hub CT300 is designed to accept the Flow range of 3 or 4 pin plug-in connectors and can be connected directly to another Hub or via the three options of 2M, 3M and 5M link cables which are also part of the range.  CT103M and CT203M 3 pole and 4 pole male only connectors are also available to provide extra outgoing supplies from the Hub when required.

The Click Flow range also includes: The CT101C - the original 3 pin plug connector, now featuring increased load handling with 20A rating and with additional loop terminal.

The CT102C & CT103C - 3 pin plug connectors with screw or fast fit cord restraint options.  The CT202C & CT203C - 4-pin connectors with auxiliary terminals which provides the opportunity for a second switched live or permanent feed for use typically with emergency lighting applications

Metrolink is one of the most successful light rail systems in the UK, carrying around 22 million passengers every year.  Since the first lines to Bury and Altrincham opened in 1992, the network has more than doubled in size, with lines to Eccles, Oldham and Rochdale, Droylsden, Chorlton and MediaCityUK bringing passengers into the heart of Manchester city centre.

Trams now run to 65 stops covering 70km of track – and the multi-million pound expansion of the system continues, with Metrolink set to become the largest urban tram network in the UK.  With new lines, a fleet of state-of-the-art trams, on-stop ticket machines and improved passenger facilities and information, Metrolink is the UK’s premier tram network.

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