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Scolmore’s Click Smart halves installation cost

It is home to SELECT, the trade association for the electrical contracting industry in Scotland, and when the headquarters at The Walled Garden near Penicuik, Midlothian required an update for its 10 year old building management system, the association was looking at a potentially substantial outlay for a replacement.

Coming in at around 50% less than the original budget planned, however, was Scolmore’s Click Smart RF Wireless Control System which was installed with little disruption to the original electrical system, but provided an easy to adapt means to control all lighting throughout half of the entire premises.

The Click Smart system is a sophisticated home automation system, which is suitable for both refurbishment and new build projects and, as in the case of the SELECT head offices, can be used to update an existing wiring system to provide added security, energy saving, comfort and control. It offers simple and flexible installation and easy programming, with its unique one touch centralised control panel that allows lighting, shutters, blinds, gates, latches and garage doors to be set and adjusted.  

The RF system is made up of a series of wireless transmitters, receivers and combined units. No additional cables or wall cutting is required to install the system as the receivers can be installed behind light fittings or into suitable installation boxes and the transmitters are powered by battery, so there is no need for any wiring or additional power supply. 

Following the installation of Click Smart, all lighting in the training centre, boardroom, conference rooms, canteen, rest rooms and reception area at SELECT is now controlled using JA-83P PIR sensors, switching via a RFSA-66M 6-channel multifunction switch receiver installed in the plant room. Signal has been boosted using RFRP-20/B signal repeaters located in various locations through the site. The RF Touch control panel is mounted on the wall in reception to give a general overview and to act as a central control point for the entire system.

James McCartan from John Noble Electrical Contractors Ltd was responsible for the installation of the Click Smart RF Control System and commented:

“The management team at SELECT were faced with a potentially significant expense to replace the original smart system - installed more than 10 years ago - with an updated version, so to be able to deliver a solution that came in at 50% under the planned budget was a great result all round. We only had to make small changes to the electrical system that was in place and with the various products from Scolmore’s Click Smart range we were able to adapt it to provide remote control of the lighting throughout, all controlled by the Touch Panel in reception.

John McGhee, SELECT Head of Resources, said: “The new system has saved us money on the initial significant installation cost, and in addition we will also benefit from ongoing savings with a more cost- and energy-efficient system.”