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Energy efficient solution for Fleetwood Town FC

More than 90 of Scolmore Group’s Inceptor LED Downlights are providing a low energy lighting solution for Fleetwood Town FC’s new Red & Whites Café Bar – the latest addition to state of the art conference facilities at the Highbury Stadium.

Inceptor was chosen for its exceptional energy saving properties, as well as the ease and speed of installation due to the integrated Click Flow wiring system. 

Contractor, Kevin O’Toole from West Lancashire Electrical, was responsible for the installation of the products and had this to say: 

“We choose the Inceptor LED down lights predominately because of the exceptional value they represent for a lighting product of such high quality and performance.  The fact that a five year warranty is offered made it an easy decision.  Another key advantage for us as contractors is the quick installation method, which was possible because of the pre-wired driver and flow connector.  This allowed us to test the installation then simply click the fittings into place ready for the final commissioning.”

Inceptor is a high light output, high performance product that can be fitted into a recess depth of just 60mm - making it one of the most flexible fittings currently available. 

Scolmore has also integrated its popular Flow Connectors into the product, which make it quick and easy to install, as well as to remove and replace for the purpose of circuit testing - another positive when selecting the right products for the job.